Latin Media, Entertainment, Technology and Advertising Conference CEO Summit by LatinVision Media

7th Annual CEO's Summit
Latin Media, Entertainment, Technology & Advertising

Streaming l Podcasting l Social Media l  Internet l  WiFi l  Mobile l Digital

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Conference: 8:30AM - 5:00PM l Cocktail Reception: 6:00PM - 8:00PM

Latin Media & Entertainment Commission


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Kaufman Astoria Studios

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Marketing to Latinos and Hispanics Conference
2011 The CEOs Summit Conference

I wanted to thank you for a great event.  It is always a pleasure working with you
. Patrick Dolan, Chief Operating Officer, Interactive Advertising Bureau. 

Thanks so much for the Invitation. Hope to see you all again soon. Cynthia Hudson, SVP & General Manager, CNN en Español.

I am sending a quick note to thank you all for this wonderful experience. It was a pleasure meeting you all. Martin Breidsprecher, CEO, Azteca America

Thanks very much for the invite to your conference. I enjoyed it and it seemed like a great success. Steve Widlak, CEO, Widlak Inc. 

Les quería decir que la pasé en grande en la conferencia la semana pasada. Hice varias conexiones y aprendí montones. Gracias por invitarme y los felicito. Roque Planas, Director Latin America News Dispatch.

I am glad I had a few hours to stop at your Summit conference at the Time Building.  Congratulations!   You had a very impressive and distinctive presentation of your affair. Isaac Savitt, CEO, Gate Group USA

Good meeting you too. Overall I thought it was great. The food was great, the format, with plenty of time for networking was good, the themes and people were great.  Diego Prusky, President, InStyle!  Digital Marketing | We get the audience™.

Many thanks for the invitation.  Congratulations for the results of the CEO´s Summit.  I really enjoyed the conversations, the learning from panelists and the networking. I really appreciate the effort from Latinvision and the organizers to open the space to empower our community network as an audience and as leaders of the most growing minority in the United States. Thank you. I enjoyed myself greatly. Alberto Vourvoulias-Bush, Managing Editor, Fox News Latino.

Quería agradecerles por haberme invitado el jueves pasado a tu conferencia.  Estuvo muy interesante, me encontré con viejos colegas y conoci a muchas personas nuevas.  Marcela M. Berland, President LatinInsights, LLC.

I just wanted to send you a note thanking you for having us at the LatinVision CEO Summit last week. I really enjoyed meeting both of you and learning about the marketplace from some of the top marketers in the business. Good luck to you and I hope our paths will cross again in the future. Amanda Thorn, Director Marketing Communications, NBA New York Office.

Thank you! Great turn out,good speakers. The hispanic market is changing and evolving rapidly and the media are following suit. The CEO Summit is an essential forum to stay abreast of the latest developments. Alain Groenendaal, President & CEO, Inside Wing

Thank you for having me.  I enjoyed the Conference. Lino Garcia, General Manager, ESPN Deportes.

First I would like to thank you for putting together such an amazing event on Thursday. I had a great time and met so many great folks. Unfortunately, I did not get to see all of the panel discussions on that day because I was working all day. But I would love to attend more of these events in the future if they do take place in New York City.
Noeman Samdani, Director Information Technology, HBO Home Box.

Muchas gracias por la oportunidad de hablarle a quienes atendieron tu conferencia. Mi intencion era participar durante el resto de la jornada y atender el cocktail al final del dia. Desafortunadamente todo coincidio con un dia dificil en mi oficina y un evento con colegas de afuera a la noche. Al final no pude volver y me quede con las ganas. En fin, muchas gracias por todo. Espero que estes contento con los resultados.  Adrian Dickson, Global Head News Products, Thomson Reuters.

Each year I’ve attended this conference it gets better and better - top-notch speakers, effective networking and panel topics that capture the mainstream and Latino media zeitgeist! “Thank you so much for your work each year.” David Puente, Producer, Anderson Cooper 360 CNN.

Thanks all...What a fantastic Conference. It was a pleasure! Brian Hopman, General Manager, Latin American and Spanish Media Markets, The Associated Press.

Thank you for inviting us to the conference yesterday! The event was great and the turnout was awesome! It has been a pleasure and we hope to see you soon! Agata W. Porter, Account Executive, Multicultural Marketing Resources, Inc. 

Muchas gracias por la maravillosa oportunidad de ser parte de la conferencia. Espero que estas muy satisfecho con como resulto todo. Me encantaria volver a participar en alguna capacidad en el futuroJacqueline J. Gonzalez, Executive Director, National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, The New York Emmy Awards.

Thank you for putting together such a successful summit yesterday. I had a wonderful time. Please keep me posted on upcoming events and do let me know if in any way the Vox can help. Catherine Cuello, Director,

Muy buena conferencia, felicitaciones! Leylha Ahuile, SVP, Mintel.

I had a wonderful time. Thank you. Carmen Di Rienzo, CEO, Vme TV.

Buenos dias colegas de LatinVision. Les agradezco haber podido participar en vuestra fantastica conferencia. Let quería compartir el vínculo al video que hicimos de LatinVision. Espero les guste!!! Liliana Gil, Managing Partner | Cultural Intelligence Officer, XL Alliance.

2011 Marketing to Latinos Banking and Finance Conference

It was a pleasure meeting you at LatinVision event last night
  Dennis P. Rivera, Group Director - Portfolio Management Conundrum Capital LLC., Charles Grégoire de Rothschild Group

Thank you for the conference yesterday, it was a very well put together panel of professionals and extremely helpful and well worth the 3am wakeup call to drive down to the city. Thanks again,
Andrew P. Laine, President, Spanish Insurance, LLC


2011 Marketing to Latinas Conference

Thank you for extending the invitation to me on Thursday. As usual, I enjoyed the event a lot. Agata Porter, Account Executive, Multicultural Marketing Resources, Inc.

I echo everyone's comments and thank you for the opportunity of this collaboration. Many people did take their time to comment very positively about our panel. The data  definitely made an impact, but it was also the insights we collectively brought into that data that drove the interest and comments. I look forward to seeing you again soon and as agreed, let's stay in touch! Jackie Bird, CEO & Chief Insights Officer Redbean Society, LLC.

What a fantastic panel, thank you for sharing your perspectives and so much data!  I have been getting excellent feedback and the participants were especially thankful for the data points.  If you have not sent me the final presentation please do ( I'd love to have a final copy myself and will likely follow up with all of you since MLV has a significant acculturated Latina audience and our clients are always looking for more insights on this evolving segment.) This was said to be the best panel of the day, so kudos to all of you! Rosa V. Alonso, Founder & CEO, 

Our panel rocked, and it was my pleasure to be in such good company.Enedina Vega, Publisher, Meredith Hispanic Ventures. 

A pleasure be with you on the panel yesterday.  Several folks voiced appreciation for the specific information shared by the panel. Thank you for your participation, Ethnic Technologies was a proud sponsor of the event. Thank you for organizing an informative, interesting and lively day. Peg North, Senior Consultant, Ethnic Technologies.

Dear Friends from the Latin Vision Conference, I sincerely enjoyed meeting you at our recent conference, and I left with a very strong impression regarding the incredible importance of furthering education in our Hispanic Communities.  As I’ve been conducting research and working with my own university to champion this, I came across the following conference.  This event could be an excellent opportunity for many of you to help these colleges and universities.   I have included the link for the conference below.  Some of you may have already been aware of this opportunity, in which case please consider this email a warm “hola” from the West Coast. Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities, 25th Annual Conference Heather Grace Hoglund, Director of Enrollment Management,  Touro University Worldwide. 


2011 Marketing to Latinos Sports Conference

Hope all is well.   Great event!  Alex Gonzalez, Producer, NY1 Noticias.

Thank you again for putting together the Sports Conference on Thursday. As always, I enjoyed it and I think you did a great job. Agata W. Porter, Account Executive, Multicultural Marketing Resources, Inc. 

Gracias por la  invitación.  Enrique Sanz de Santamaria, Vice President - Traffic Sports USA. 

Thank you so much for such a wonderful Conference. Seneca Mudd, Director, Interactive Advertising Bureau.

2011 Marketing to Latinos Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Conference

Le quería agradecerle y felicitarle en su evento la semana pasada.  Fue por chance que encontré información sobre el evento y estoy muy feliz que decidí participar. Fue una experiencia muy positiva con buenisimas presentaciones y con una calidad y cantidad de información tan impresionante que no podía escribir suficientamente rápido para poder capturarla. Espero mantenernos en contacto y seguir participando en sus eventos. Dana Ullmann, GM, DU Experiential Travel Consulting Wholesalers, Tourism Boards, PR companies

Super Conference. I enjoyed learning and making great contacts. Linda Ayares, Senior Vice President  msilverassociates

2010 The CEOs Summit Conference

On behalf of Tony Bongiovi, Tim Egland and myself we want to thank for the invitation to the  CEO's Summit Conference.  I congratulate you for a great job, we had a great time
Martha Maza Victor, Chief, The Noise USA


El Congreso fue un exito y estoy super encantada con el nivel, el profesionalismo y los temas! Viviana Hurtado, Former Correspondent Washington, ABC News


We just want to congratulate you on the great webcast. I hope to make it there next year.  I was able to view it online. It was great. Ralph Fortuny, CMO,


Thank you very much for the opportunity to participate as a panel speaker on Monday’s CEO Summit. It was a pleasure to meet you and so many other wonderful people. What an enriching experience! Congratulations on a successful event!  Please keep me in mind for any upcoming conferences and events. Jacqueline J. Gonzalez, Executive Director, National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, New York, The New York Emmy® Awards


Congratulations!  On a great conference Patrick Dolan, EVP & COO, Interactive Advertising Bureau


Gracias por tu amabilidad en extenderme la invitación a CEO’s Summit cada año mejora y atrae más participación. Antonio Argibay, AIA, LEED AP, Principal, Meridian Design Associates, Architects, P.C.


I just wanted to reach out and let you know how much I appreciated being a part of such a special day you put together. I felt like I was in a room filled with forward thinking minds and Latinos who were are literally shaping the future of our culture on so many levels. I hope more people will view your webcast and also benefit from this ongoing discussion. Karen Torres, Producer


It was an enjoyable and interesting panel. Well done! You were an excellent moderator and I believe the audience received it well. Ivan Braiker, CEO, hipcricket


It was a great pleasure to participate with all of you on the panel. I heard as well how much people liked our participation. I hope that we can continue evangelizing the industry all together about all the innovation on Digital Mobile and Social that is coming. Thanks a million Carlos for inviting us to such a great event, once again you and your team put together an amazing conference. Borja Perez, VP of Integrated Solutions & Digital Media, Telemundo


Congratulaciones por la conferencia y el evento. Salio todo muy bien. Gracias por dejarnos participar. Felipe Sommer, CEO, sia interactive


I wanted to thank you for the invitation to the Summit, it was extremely informative and I greatly enjoyed my time there with everyone. Robert Woods, Sales Manager, Crystal Springs Resort


Felicitaciones nuevamente por la organizacion y por el evento. Todos los comentarios que escuche fueron super positivos. Gustavo Razzetti, President, StrategicSense


El Summit fue excelente y superbueno bueno todo el resto. Enrique Mesones, CEO, Smart Connections Inc.


Excellent conference. The caliber of the participants was fantastic and the discussion interesting and worth listening to. I really appreciate the courtesy to allow me to join via live streaming. Daisy Exposito, CEO, D’Exposito & Partners


El evento fue genial como siempre, bien organizado, de super nivel: el lugar, la comida, la gente!! Mariela Dabbah, Author, Latinos in College


Por aquí en cama, pues resulta que para mi mala suerte me enferme.  Bueno, pero gracias a  Netstairs por lo menos pude asistir a la conferencia virtualmente. Por lo que observe, la conferencia fue todo un éxito. Me alegro inmensamente. Marcela Guaman, Marketer


Thank you very much for the opportunity to attend the forum from Miami. I congratulate you on an excellent conference. Your video service worked perfectly. Best of luck in the forthcoming series of events. Andres G. Otero, Chief Financial Officer, GOTV, LLC/


2010 Marketing to Latinas Conference

Just writing to mention that I missed the conference and networking event last week, and heard wonderful things. My friend Abril Reiss attended and mentioned how great and beneficial it was. I am looking forward to your next conference and networking event. Maria Belen Reyfman

Felicidades on another successful conference and networking event. I look forward to the next one and staying connected.  Lisa Velazquez, Founder & CEO/President, Wonder Womyn, LLC

Muchísimas gracias por el networking de anoche y felicidades por vuestro continuo sacrificio y éxito. Luego de conversar con varios invitados, fue evidente lo bien que fue recibida y apreciada la conferencia. Emilio Mahomar, CEO, Soundwriters

Once again I would like to congratulate you for the great event and thank you for inviting me. I made great connections during the meeting and enjoyed very much some of the presentations. Nira Worcman, Entrepreneur

Para darle las gracias por la invitacion a la conferencia. Todas la presentaciones fueron muy interesantes e informativas. Me imagino todo el tiempo, trabajo y esfuerzo que les lleva el organizar y ejecutar estos eventos.Bibiana Grau, Business Development, NBC Universal.

As expected, the conference was terrificRuth Gaviria, CEO Hispanic Media Ventures, Meredith Corporation

2010 Marketing to Latinos Sports Conference

I wanted to thank you for the fantastic opportunity you gave to Apex , Wines from Brazil  and myself , to showcase the promotional project with the IZOD Indy Car Races to the audience at the Latin Vision Sports Conference. The event was wonderful. We were able to make many useful  connections in the sport industry that am sure will open you marketing opportunities for my client
. Nora Favelukes, CEO, Wines of Argentina

I just wanted to send you a personal thank you note for taking time out of your busy schedules to prepare the information you shared and for presenting so masterfully on Wednesday. I’ve gotten wonderful feedback from our panel and hope you all made great new contacts as well! I look forward to staying in touch with you all and hope to see you soon at the next Latinvision Conference. Chiqui Cartagena, SVP Multicultural Marketing, Story Worldwide

It was a pleasure participating as a speaker on your Sports Networking Conference.  I was most impressed and came away with many new ideas and insights.  Particularly the second panel was very noteworthy.  You touch on a great topic that can be delved more deeply as Hispanic/Latino Sports choices are growing. Awesome beginning.  I applaud you and your team for a job well done.  I shall look forward to your ongoing conferences and events.   Feel free to ponder my brains on this subject matter…….Tomasito Bobadilla, Managing Partner, BFM Movimiento LLC 

Thank you so much for letting me attend and participate in your sports conference.I enjoyed the panels and made a few nice connections. George Krieger, SVP, Apparent Gravity Media

2009 Digital and Social Media Conference

I want to congratulate you on your recent conference and thank you for the opportunity to participate. It is an honor, and a pleasure, to work with your team. Mónica Talán, Corporate Communications Head, Univision Communications Inc.

Gracias por la invitacion la semana pasada. Pudimos pasar a la tarde nada mas pero valio la pena. Estuvo sensacional. Sebastián Mackinlay, SVP, Sales & Marketing, HSM Global Inspiring Ideas

Tuve la oportunidad de estar presente en el Latin Vision que organizaste la semana pasada. Fue una agradable experiencia escuchar a los panelistas y sus distintos puntos de vista sobre el crecimiento de los medios dirigidos a latinos en ese país. Personalmente, recibir información de primera mano de tantas personalidades del mundo broadcast para latinos fue muy interesante. Exitos y espero acompañarles el próximo año! Reynaldo Infante, CEO, World Voices Studios

Great conference and thank you for inviting me, Carlos. As we just celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month, the timing was great! You did a very good job moderating, Carmen, and it was fun working with my fellow panelists.
Best to all, Cathy
Baron Tamraz, President and Chief Executive Officer, Business Wire

Thanks once again to Carlos, and many thanks to a super panel! Kevin, Cathy, and Mike, I know that the conference attendees really appreciated your candor and insightful comments, as did I. Warmest regards,
Carmen M. DiRienzo, President & CEO, V-me Media Inc.

I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for inviting me to participate. I really enjoyed meeting everyone, and I hope the conference was a big success! Best regards,
Conroy, President Interactive Media, Univision Communications

I simply wanted to congratulate you on a very interesting conference. Thank you for allowing us to help you and we look forward to working with you on upcoming events. Have a great weekend and get some well-deserved rest. Abrazos,
Harry Neuhaus, EVP, LATV

I had a great time at the event, thank you so much. So many of the speakers and attending advertising people were people that I had previously met during my years in the printing industry. Raquel Sandoval, who's last job was with Wing Latino and Jackie Bird, was so happy to see so many friends. In light of the fragrance of the economy, I hope that the contacts made at this event will open doors and rekindle friendships. Thank you again
. Julienne Jack, Owner, Julienne C. Jack Graphics, Inc.

Thanks for having us! It was great to have met you and I'm looking forward to working with you and your team in the future.
best, Olivia Maloney, Director, US Hispanic Sales & Solutions AOL Latino/AOL Advertising


Me encanto! Muy Bueno! Matias Perel, Chief Executive Officer, Latin3

Thank you for including me. I was pleased to partake and attend and help host! I thought the event was fantastic! It was well organized, well attended, a great mix of leaders from all sides of media and overall great! Felicidades/congratulations, and thanks again for including me, abrazos, Liz Sarachek Blacker, SVP, Digital Sales, impreMedia

It was a pleasure to meet you in person at the conference. The speakers were truely excellent and it was a very useful event for networking. Fremantlemedia would love to be involved next year as well! Katharine Lewis, Deputy Head, Fremantle Media Ventures

Espero poder seguir colaborando con ustedes. Un abrazo.
Jackie Bird, CEO, Redbean Society

Thank you very much, I think the conference was great and very interesting. Thanks once again for inviting me, it was a honor be a speaker in such a special event.
Best regards and looking forward to see you in Brazil. Felipe Machado, Multimedia Editor, O Estado de S. Paulo

It was a very well organized and enjoyable event. Thanks for including hi5. Please keep us in mind for the agenda next year.
Michael Trigg, Vice President, Marketing, hi5 Networks, Inc.

Great job. Always enjoy working with you.
David Puente, David Puente, Producer & Writer CNN

Carlos - Te felicito a ti y a tu equipo muy de veras por una conferencia magnífica en todos los sentidos: oradores y panelistas de primer nivel; contenido sumamente valioso, novedoso y relevante; excelente el local, la comida y los refrigerios; y la organización y ejecución intachables. Con esta conferencia LatinVision le presta un servicio invaluable a los medios latinos, y los medios en general. Fue un honor asistir y participar en este evento. Muchas gracias por la invitación. Cordiales saludos,
Christopher Crommett, Consultor y conferenciante, •Dirección de empresas de medios, •Periodismo y comunicación social •Desarrollo de contenido para América Latina y el mercado hispano de Estados Unidos

Thank you Carlos for allowing me to attend your conference yesterday. It was a phenomenal experience and wish I could have stayed longer.
Jose Espinoza

Thank you for inviting Fox Sports International to participate in this year’s conference. It was a fantastic event and I’m sure a great success. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or feedback on the panel I participated in. We look forward to 2010 and beyond. Best,
Bhavesh Patel, VP, Interactive Media, Fox Sports International

2008 The Future of Hispanic Media, Entertainment, Technology and Advertising Conference

"You did a great job. I've received messages from a lot of people saying that this was one of the best conferences that they've ever attended"
Carlos Manzano, Executive Director of the NYC Latin Media and Entertainment Commission

"Thank you for the collaboration of LatinVision Media with LMEC that resulted in this conference. I attended the morning session and found the presenters and topics informative and substantive. We look forward to our continued work ahead"
Carol Robles-Román, Deputy Mayor for Legal Affairs, The City of New York

"Thought I’d share my impression of the conference that I presented to the agency I now work with, Waggener Edstrom. This was a great conference for me to provide a bit more insight to general market teams. I use this level of insight to influence teams into considering the Hispanic market to expand their clients business."
Attendees included media sales teams, agencies (advertising and PR), corporate clients like Comcast who’s super new into this space.

Jose Pinero, Corporate Diversity Director, was asked to participate as a panelist. Our relationship with TJG helped Jose get on this impressive panel. His topic, ‘"Retail Activation: The Meaning of 360 Marketing in the Hispanic Market”. He did a great job highlighting Microsoft’s success in the Windows Vista outreach to the Hispanic consumer and demonstrating Microsoft’s continued commitment in this space with products like MS Office Workspace, Office Accounting, Zune, Xbox. He also stressed that Microsoft is still new in the multicultural/Hispanic Marketing arena. We have been doing this for only about 3 years. Of course, he was the only client to speak about Public Relations as an important strategic initiative. Lorena Sandoval Denny | VP, US Hispanic/LATAM | Waggener Edstrom Worldwide

"Great event yesterday. Fantastic panels and participants. Fabulous venue. Congratulations"
Cristina Schwarz, CEO Paravos Communications

"I just want to thank you, again, for inviting me to join yesterday’s NYC panel and congratulate you on a fantastic event. I really had a wonderful time, met lots of interesting folks and have a ton of follow-up for the next week! Plus, I raved about it last night on my blog: Again, congrats and thank you. I look forward to next year."
Elizabeth Gardner | E.D., NY Int'l Latino Film Festival |President, Cinedulce

"What a Great conference it was! I understand what it takes to make such a magnificent event happen. CONGRATULATIONS! I have remained with many wonderful impressions of our diverse Latino brothers & sisters who are movin' and shakin' to make things happen - everyone uniting to make a difference."
Damaris Mercado

It was a pleasure to attend the Latinvision Conference at the New York Times Building. Without a doubt you are a leader. Your vision connects, stimulates and help us to build a great community of Hispanic Professionals."
Carlos Anaya, GLAAD Award Winner, Journalist/Multimedia Producer

Congratulations on such a wonderful event. You're off to a great start! It was our pleasure .
Diane McNulty, Executive Director of Community Affairs and Media Relations, THE NEW YORK TIMES

Congratulations on a fantastic event!
Edwin Torres, Director of External Partnerships at Parsons The New School for Design

Your conference was spectacular. I absolutely loved what I heard. All the companies there were perfect.
Enrique Cubillo, 85 Photo Productions Inc.

I trust all is well gentlemen. Kudos to the event and its turnout! It was nice to see you both receive special compliments on how it went off. This really brought insight to many and created new connections within our space. I look forward to the direction you both have this community heading towards
Nelson Becerra, VP Business Development, Cozmo Media, Inc.

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the event yesterday - you are doing great things. Thanks for the introductions for Steve Brown as well. I know that both he and Shane were very pleased with the panelists and felt that it was worth the trip from Utah to attend. I am interested in seeing if you are planning to do the event next year? If so, I look forward to collaborating with you should you be willing.
Paul Lima, CEO, Lima Consulting Group

Congratulations on the conference, Carlos. It was a great event.
Richard Pacheco, Assistant to the CEO, Univision

Congratulations for the extraordinary event, and for your leadership. Many thanks for the opportunity to share it with you and for allowing me to meet all the talented people at the conference. Please extend my congratulations to your entire team, the sponsors and attendees. On behalf of the MIO.TV family, we sincerely appreciate the opportunity.
Manuel Garcia Duran, Chairman & CEO Mio.TV

Congratulations on a good event. We know first hand how difficult it is to put these things together and yours had a great feel to it. I look forward to seeing it grow . It is always a challenge to make the next years event surpass what you did this year but with so much to talk about and so much to do and such an emerging market, I am sure you will. Count of our support.
Tomas Cookman, Nacional Records, Cookman International