Marketing to Latinos: Travel, Tourism & Hospitality conference and networkign by latinvision media

3rd Annual Marketing to Latinos Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Business Summit
and Networking Event

Business Cases, Programs and Strategies to Reach Hispanic Consumers

, August 7th, 2014
Conference: 8:30AM - 5:00PM l Cocktail Reception: 5:00PM - 7:00PM 


Latin Media & Entertainment Commission


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Marketing to Latinos Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Conference by LatinVision Media

Press Registration and Credentials

LatinVision Media, Inc. welcomes representatives from qualified print, broadcast, and online media to cover the conference. One press pass will be issued to each media organization; additional passes may be issued upon request.


To be eligible for press passes, media representatives must send us credentials in advance (PDF documents preferred), from an approved media outlet as outlined below. We reserve the right to refuse anyone a press badge, at any time and for any purpose.


•  To qualify for a press badge, media representatives must send us current press identification. This includes a business card (with individual´s name and title and the name of an approved media outlet) and/or an official letter from your company.


•  Freelance writers and photographers must present a letter of assignment from an approved publication to be granted a press badge. Freelance writers or columnists not on an assignment must provide a copy of an industry-relevant by-lined article, published within the past six months in an approved media outlet.


•  Electronic media representatives, including editors of websites, must present proof of an existing site with relevant editorial content.


We ask that you do not bring friends or relatives with you to the LatinVision Media Conferences.


Media should visit the Press Table to register, pick up their credentials, and receive a press kit.  You can also request to watch our live stream.


For more information contact Violeta Alba at 646-519-2452 or


Violeta will be staffing the Press Table at the Conference.


Thank you,


The LatinVision Team