Marketing to Latinos: Travel, Tourism & Hospitality conference and networkign by latinvision media

3rd Annual Marketing to Latinos Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Business Summit
and Networking Event

Business Cases, Programs and Strategies to Reach Hispanic Consumers

, August 7th, 2014
Conference: 8:30AM - 5:00PM l Cocktail Reception: 5:00PM - 7:00PM 


Latin Media & Entertainment Commission


Business Wire


Fusion 3

Marketing to Latinos Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Conference Research & Presentations


Experience Radar 2012
Customer insights for the US airline industry
I Price Waterhouse Cooper

Carolyn Cauceglia
I Amadeus
George Carrancho
I American Airlines
Alex Torrenegra
I BookingMarkets
Nicolas Ferri
I Delta Airlines
Joaquin Pradas & Marcelo Rodriguez
I Inlanet/Grupo Parada
Alfonso Sumano
I Mexico Tourism Board
Eric Cima
I Outbrain
Ana Roca Castro
I Premier Social Media
Stephanie Abrams
Lisa Theodore
I Tribune
Jose Barreiro
I Travel Channel

Panel 1
Ryan McLoughlin
I American Airlines
Ricki Fairley Brown
I Images US

Panel 2

Lena Katz
Luz Maria Torres
I Villa Groups Resorts

Panel 3

Raul Ferrro
I Despegar
Martin Lumbye
I Momonto Travel

Special Presentation 1

Linda Ayares
I M. Silver Associates

Special Presentation 2
Marcelo Rodriguez
I Inlanet

Special Presentation 3

Bill Rodriguez
I Amadeus North America

Special Presentation 4
Seneca Mudd
I Interactive Advertising Bureau I U.S. Latinos Online: a driving force

Other Presentations
2010 Multicultural's in Action Sports pdf
Travel & Tourism I Competitiveness Report 2011


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